We've got the best guitar players in the biz.

Aaron Marshall is the guitar player and songwriter for the Canadian Instrumental band Intervals.

Carter Arrington is a prominent guitarist, session musician, and music educator with over 20 years of professional experience. Carter’s approach to the guitar has focused on elements that can be applied to any style of music while still maintaining musical personality and authenticity. Years of developing his knowledge of improvisation, rhythm, harmony, and fretboard awareness have provided the tools to work with artists like Eric Johnson, Peter Rowan, Arthur Brown, and Tribal Tech drummer Kirk Covington.

Dan Sugarman is a 30 year old progressive metal guitarist out of LA. He began his career at the age of 16 with his band Fallen Figure, before becoming a member of the band As Blood Runs Black in 2009. After leaving the group in 2016, Sugarman launched his solo career – now with two twisted instrumental albums under his belt. Dan is currently a member of the horror-themed metal band Ice Nine Kills as the lead guitarist, as well as a songwriter on their upcoming album, "The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood". On top of being a band member and solo artist, Dan also hosts a free online guitar community, teaches private guitar lessons, as well as master classes through www.sugarmanslessonlounge.com

Dave is the guitar player and vocalist of the technical Death Metal band Revocation

Dean Lamb is a primarily self-taught guitarist and music educator, known for his work in Canadian technical death metal band Archspire. He has spent the greater part of his life developing techniques to improve speed, endurance, and dexterity across the fretboard. Taking inspiration from shred guitarists like Paul Gilbert, Dean has attempted to modernize the skills he learnt as a teenager, focusing on hybrid picking, sweeping, and fast picked runs across 8 strings. 

Eyal Levi is the guitarist and main songwriter for DAATH, an entrepreneur who co-founded Riffhard and URM Academy, and a producer who has worked with The Black Dahlia Murder, The Contortionist, and Firewind, among many others.

Jack first started performing professionally at the age of 15, playing with popular Rap and RnB artists (KOF/Janice Myers) in large capacity venues and live on BBC Radio One Live Lounge at Maida Vale Studios. At 16, with a high level of technical proficiency and live-gigging experience already under his belt, Jack began taking lessons from world-renowned fusion guitarist Tom Quayle, which shaped his style and sound significantly.

In 2017, Stu Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Allan Holdsworth) approached Jack to play guitar for his Greatest Hits Tour. During the same year, 80’s Pop/Rock Band China Crisis approached Jack to take up guitar duties as a permanent member of the group.

Jason Richardson is an American guitarist known for his technical proficiency and virtuosic playing style. He first gained recognition as a member of the band All Shall Perish before going on to join other groups such as Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, and most notably All That Remains. In addition to his work with bands, Richardson has released highly successful solo material showcasing his guitar skills and musical versatility.

Kevin is the guitar player and songwriter for Escape The Fate as well as producer and co writer for artists like Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly, Avril Lavigne and more.

Malcolm Pugh is the guitarist in Inferi and A Loathing Requiem, the bassist in Demon King, and co-founder of the metal label The Artisan Era.

Mike Dawes is considered among the world’s most accomplished acoustic fingerstyle figures. Known for arranging and performing melody, harmony, bass and percussion simultaneously he has spent 10 years touring the world both solo, and alongside numerous Grammy winning artists whilst releasing videos gaining over 100 million views. Mike was included in MusicRadar’s ‘Best Acoustic Guitarist in the World’ readers poll five times, placing second in three of those, and winning twice.

Mike is the guitarist of Spiritbox. Previously of I Wrestled a Bear Once.

Miles Dimitri Baker is an American guitar virtuoso and Schecter artist best known for his former band, Rings of Saturn, and his current band Interloper. 

Nizar is a multi-instrumentalist with over 20 years of experience as a musician. Rooted in authentic Flamenco guitar from an early age, Nizar developed a love for improvisational music and graduated from the renowned Jazz program at the University of Miami Frost School of Music in 2016. Throughout his career, he has studied and played alongside Grammy nominees, with hundreds of performances as a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and drummer across a variety of genres and ensembles. He is most passionate about composing, arranging, and teaching, with a unique style fuelled by his holistic approach.

Rafael Trujillo is a world renowned virtuoso known for his band Obsidious, his ex band Obscura, and his prolific session work.

Richard is the guitar player for UK Black Metal Legends Cradle of Filth. The foundation of Rich's playing is highlighted throughout his month's course materials, including Legato, Hybrid Picking and a heavy focus on fret hand muting techniques.

Spiro Dussias

Spiro Dussias is a mind blowing virtuoso guitarist and composer with a debut release on the horizon.

Tom Quayle is a world renowned fusion virtuoso who has played with some of the very best musicians in the genre such as Virgil Donati, Alex Argento, Marco Sfogli and more. He also has a popular Youtube channel and a harmony training app called Solo.

Widely considered one of the best players in the modern metal scene, Wes Hauch’s reputation precedes him. Whether playing with Alluvial, The Faceless, or Devin Townsend, Wes’ ferociously aggressive and immaculately clean playing and inimitable style is what sets him apart.